Seven Learning does leadership development. We work with organizations of all types to create a lasting lift in people leadership.

How are we different? We believe leadership isn’t merely a set of tools and tactics, but rather a way of seeing the world and relating to others. A matter of wisdom. A matter of character.

So, our programs aren’t built around 200-page slide decks touting trendy management theories. Instead, they’re founded on classic works by and for leaders: Plato’s Republic. Machiavelli’s Prince. Lincoln’s speeches. Shakespeare’s plays. Austen’s novels.

Your high potentials get the best of both worlds–the broad and timeless perspective of a liberal arts program plus the practicality and rigor of a business program. The result: more perceptive, insightful, and effective leaders of people.

For more on the approach, check out founder Jocelyn Davis’s critically acclaimed new book, The Greats on Leadership: Classic Wisdom for Modern Managers (published May 2016 by Nicholas Brealey, an imprint of Hachette).

Visit us at JocelynRDavis.com or seven-learning.com.

Follow Jocelyn on Twitter: @JocelynRDavis


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